Friday, April 17, 2009

May 9 is World Fair Trade Day

World Fair Trade Day was established by the Fair Trade Federation as a salute to the people and organizations who have dedicated themselves to making Fair Trade what it is today, a solution not an issue. Fair Trade is not just about poverty, it's about the alleviation of poverty. Fair Trade is not just about climate change, it's the end of environmental degradation and bad practices. Fair Trade is about change.

Since 1998, Onda Gallery has been proud to exhibit recognized and emerging artists from the Pacific Northwest and abroad. The gallery has a strong commitment to support local artists and invest in those who believe in "Sustainability and Fair Trade" practices.

Onda Gallery is the only gallery in the Portland area dedicated to Fair Trade. All of our gift items come from the hands of artisans protected by the principles of fair labor laws, safe working conditions, preservation of cultural identity and self empowerment. Gift items come from Ecuador, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Nicaragua and Peru.

Fair Trade/Environmental Art

In honor of World Fair Trade Day on May 9th, Onda Gallery - Lake Oswego and Alberta - will host exhibits by artists who incorporate recycled materials or speak to the importance of living sustainably. The Lake Oswego exhibit will be dedicated totally to Fair Trade/Environmental Art while the featured sculptor at Alberta, Joel Heidel, creates much of his work from recycled metal.

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