Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Abstraction: Paintings by Angel Matamoros and Sculptures by Joel Heidel

April 30-May 26, 2009
Opening and Artists' Reception: April 30, 6-9 PM

Angel Matamoros works with acrylic and mixed-media, but he enjoys experimenting with various styles, colors and textures. He uses a variety of techniques including multiple glazes, resists, encaustic, watercolor and oil pastel.

"My paintings are inspired by memories and emotions which I recreate using color, texture and the occasional line of type or collage element. A work is finished when it has conveyed an emotion or memory."

A native of Costa Rica, Matamoros now lives in Olympia, Washington.

Joel Heidel works primarily in abstract direct-metal sculpture. He has extensive industrial training and experience in torch, wire feed/ mig, oxy/acetalene and arc welding, plasma and torch cutting and has performed these tasks on a wide range of metal gauges and types. He is knowledgeable in many processes including acid etching, glass making, glass casting and can employ an extensive variety of disciplines and skills

"I seek to escape the preconceptions of forms and to find new juxtapositions of seemingly incompatible elements. I strive to achieve balance between elemental and complex shapes and forms, overcoming established expectations. My personal artistic approach extends to my collaborative work as well, where two or more artistic minds work in concert to create a piece of work."

Heidel and his wife Angelina Marino live in Portland and collaborate on public art projects.

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