Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Since the gallery closed . . .

Retirement is another opportunity for Latino art adventures. It's been almost a year since Onda closed but I've continued working with artists I showed there and have found good places for them to exhibit their work.
Claudio Alberto Soriano, Peruvian artist living in Ecuador, returned to the Portland area last spring exhibited and demonstrated his painting technique at the Hillsboro Latino Cultural Festival, at Artists Among Us at Trinity Cathedral and at Angst Gallery in Vancouver. His work was also shown at Teatro Milagro.
Angelina Marino showed a remarkable series of new paintings at Trinity called "Stirring the Pot". The images were powerful and graphic.

For the holiday show at Trinity, the group that went to Cuba in April organized an exhibit and sale of Cuban art and craft - "Una Fiesta de Esperanza". This exhibit of fine art and folk art offered creative expressions of Cuban culture - community life, sports, music, dance - in a variety of media. Internationally recognized artists such as Manuel Mendive, Alicia Leal and Montebravo were represented in paintings and self taught artists such as Carlos Caceres, Luis Ramirez, Marisol Hernandez and Sandra Dooley brought their intuitive design skills and personalities to their work. Alejandrina Cue's tapestries were brilliant examples of how an artist can re-use materials. The exhibit was produced in collaboration with the Cuban Art Space in New York City and benefits their art programs for children with Down Syndrome.