Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cuban Poster Art at Teatro Milagro

For the past two years, Teatro Milagro has shown art from Onda Gallery in a program called Onda at Milagro. The next production of the theater - "Ana en el Tropico" (Anna in the Tropics) - will be complemented by an exhibition of Cuban posters from the last thirty years.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the history of the Cuban Revolution could be told graphically. Since the beginning, posters have been designed to communicate important social messages - posters meant to instill revolutionary consciousness in the public ("EmulaciĆ³n," "Mas productividad," "ReparaciĆ³n consciente," "Limpieza, una tarea permanente"), posters that call people together for important gatherings ("Todos a la Plaza con Fidel!"), posters in solidarity with liberation movements around the world, posters that revile (Nixon was a favorite) and posters that praise, posters that advertise film, theater, dance and art exhibits, posters that commemorate historical moments, posters in celebration of women, children, students -- and much more. The poster artists are among the most well known in the country. Most of the earliest posters were hand silk-screened, and many still are.

The posters and prints shown in this exhibit are from the collection of Beverly Walton, who has strong ties to the older and younger generations of Cuban artists.

"Ana en el Tropico" will play from February 11 to March 5.